125 Gifting Ideas For This Festive Season

What to buy this festive season—for the art and luxe maven, the house-proud, the gourmet, and others

The problem of festive gifting is one of plenty. There are new collections in the market, though timeless pieces are going strong in the luxury, interiors and gourmet stores. Will the perfectionist boss appreciate a plant meant to grow into a bonsai? Will the fashionista friend find meaning in glass bangles sourced from Delhi’s streets or in Dior Tribale earrings?

We love those who tell us what to gift them. As a 2012 study on the “science of gifting” by the Washington, DC-based Journal Of Experimental Psychology: General concluded, it is often not the thought behind a gift that counts, but the gift, the thing itself, and whether the receiver needs it.

For this year’s gifting issue, Mint Lounge writers have compiled lists based on their personal interests. These offer the best in each field—be it gourmet destinations, fashion pieces, children’s books or indoor plants. Gauge what those you love want and choose the best.

you love want and choose the best.

Electronics Gifts


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The gourmet guide

Perhaps more than anything else, it’s the food that defines a festival. There’s no point fussing about calories and other such considerations; everything in its own good time. Right now, it’s about flavour, texture, umami, indulgent and elaborate meals, wine and chocolates, and…wait…no, it’s not for you. You can’t touch this. It’s a gift; you have to give it away.

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Gifting ideas for the fashionista

Festive gifting need not be all glitter and bling. This list balances the singularly luxe with what’s in vogue. Gift a fashionista something she will add to her personal collection.

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Gifting ideas for the home

Festive gifting need not be all glitter and bling. This list balances the singularly luxe with what’s in vogue. Gift a fashionista something she will add to her personal collection.

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Gifting ideas for green thumbs

Green never fails. Drive out of the city and the first sight of a long stretch of green immediately soothes you.

In cities where a patch of green is difficult to find, a pot of greenery can work wonderfully well as a gift idea. Potted and hanging indoor plants come in a wide variety, fit into all budgets and do not need too much care. While some can even do without soil, others are aquatic; some act as air purifiers, while others can keep geckos away! Invariably, however, they brighten up a room or a windowsill gathering dust. Expect additional gifts in the form of fresh leaves and flowers.

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India’s ‘it’ bags

Fabric bags are an ubiquitous accessory. And now, perhaps feeding off the temptation of bags from global luxury brands, local designers too are glamming up their game. Here are some select fabric bags, from designer options to high-street versions, in a new avatar, infused with beauty, originality and femininity.

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Gifting ideas for movie buffs

Puzzling over what to buy your movie-buff friend? Our list of cinephile gifting options should help—the interview of Alfred Hitchcock by François Truffaut for the geeky film buff, Redbubble T-shirts for the style conscious, and other options.

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Gifting ideas for art aficionados

There are many reasons to buy art on Diwali. It’s traditionally a time to give your home a lick of paint and a makeover. So, you might want to buy that A. Ramachandran serigraph you adored at a recent exhibition for your drawing room. Or, you might be looking to initiate a sibling or nephew in the collection of affordable art. Online auction houses as well as brick-and-mortar galleries are putting up exhibitions and designing special catalogues for the season.

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Gifting ideas for the kitchen

Enough of the fripperies. The bunny-shaped egg-poacher and the smiley pancake-maker have had their day. Now’s the time for some serious science in our kitchens. Like the left-handed spatula, an idea so simple and intuitive that it will make domestic southpaws wonder, “Why didn’t someone think of that before?” All these tools are on websites that ship to India. Or just find a mule, and make kitchen time fun again.

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Best spirits to gift this Diwali

Some choose a drink and stick with it for life, no matter what else becomes available. But many liquor lovers like to keep abreast of the latest trends, especially in India, where the market is being educated about new kinds of drinks every few months.

This selection of gifts features drinks that have become trendy in the past year or so. In the whisky world, all the talk in 2015 has been about single-grain whiskies, honey has been dubbed the flavour of the year, and some small-batch gins are finally available at duty-free shops at Indian airports. Also on this list are some sleek wine accessories

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Books for you and your child

Illustrated children’s books can be an addiction for grown-ups too. Adults collect these books—usually on the pretext of buying them for their children—partly because of nostalgia, but mainly because of the phenomenal artwork involved. Take the new Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, for instance. Or the 150th anniversary issue of Alice’s visit to Wonderland. Here are our picks for you and your child.

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Gifting ideas for music lovers

We all have that sibling or close friend who can’t live without music—they are hooked to it while working out in the gym, driving to work, or in office. Here are some excellent gift options for them.

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Sweets And Namkeens 

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Gift hampers 

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