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Strong Earthquake Hits off Japan Coast

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck off Japan’s coast on Saturday, according to United States Geological Survey (USGS), but there were no immediate reports of damage, public broadcaster NHK said.


Despite the huge power of the quake, there was no risk of a tsunami “because the earthquake is located too deep inside the earth”, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre.

Residential buildings in Tokyo swayed for around a minute as the quake built in intensity around 8.30pm (9:30 AEST).

The epicentre was 676 kilometres below the Earth’s surface and was centred on a remote spot in the Pacific Ocean around 870 kilometres south of Tokyo, the USGS said.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the earthquake had a magnitude of 8...

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Indian Daughter Asked for a Toilet as a Wedding Gift

International Desk: A Indian girl asked for a toilet as a wedding gift in Maharashtra, reports Times of India.

This is one bride who can clearly see her future. Never mind jewellery, fridge or cooler, please give me a toilet for my wedding, said this 25-year-old bride from Maharashtra, to her father.


Chaitali Galakhe, a resident of Akola in Vidarbha district who is earning praises, had set a condition before her parents that she will marry only if they provide a toilet to her as there was none at her in-laws house.

“I discovered that there was no toilet at my in-laws house. I convinced my parents to give me this as a gift instead of jewellery, refrigerator and air coolers,” Chaitali told Daily Mail.

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Boxing: 15-year-old Mandeep Kaur wins two gold medals at World Junior Championship

Punjab pugilist Mandeep Kaur Sandhuhas won two gold medals (52 kg category) on Saturday at the Women’s World JuniorBoxing Championship in Taipei, thus scripting a classic rags to rich storyline.


Indian boxers had a terrific outing in the tournament as they won 7 medals in all, including three golds, a silver and two bronze.

Fifteen year old Mandeep, who hais from Chakkar village, defeated Ireland’s Niamh Earley in the final match by a 3-0 margin to win gold. Mandeep was dominant in her category throughout the tournament and registered some thrilling wins.

Mandeep who studies humanities (Class 12) at the ...

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Introverts & Extroverts Have Different Brains: Which One Are You?

Scientists have discovered that the brains of introverts are actually different from those of extroverts. This isn’t too surprising, especially considering all of the research now coming out of the field of neuroplasticity. It refers to various changes that can take place in the brain (including changes in neural pathways and synapses) as a result of shifts in things like: a person’s behaviour or environment; their perception of the environment around them; neural processes; the way they think and feel and more.

We know very little about the brain, and the question that comes to mind here is, are the brains of introverts/extroverts physically different, therefore making their behaviour and responses different? Or are t...

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They Say The Gemstone You Choose Reveals Your Fate

Pick a gemstone from above.

Which one were you most drawn to? The gemstone you liked the most can tell us a lot about your fate. Let’s get into it.

1. Pearl.

If you were drawn to the pearl, you’re dignified and prideful. You’re wise, charitable, and often pure. You’re calm, kind, and think before you speak. The pearl also indicates that you may be nearing a moment of transformation.

2. Ruby.

If you were drawn to the ruby, you’re often passionate, intense, and lively. You always make waves and know how to make someone’s blood boil. You’re full of energy and if you’re fighting against something, the other side will rue the day.

3. Diamond.

If you stopped at the diamond, you’re strong, determined and proud...

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