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Modi Announces Father-Daughter Selfie Campaign For The Girl Child

Addressing the nation over the radio on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a nationwide social media campaign for fathers and daughters to take selfies together, and post them on Twitter with the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter.

Modi promised to retweet the Twitter messages with the best tag line as part of his ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ (Save your Daughter, Teach your Daughter) campaign to save the Girl Child in India.

Speaking on the ninth edition of “Mann Ki Baat,” the radio program in which Modi shares his thoughts with the nation, the prime minister expressed his concern about the declining sex ratio in several districts of India.

He urged the people to join the ‘Selfie With Daughter’ initiative, saying it will gi...

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40 years on, those 21 months of Emergency

On this day in 1975, the government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi imposed the Emergency, widely seen as the darkest hour of India’s democracy. Amritha Lal recalls what happened, and why.


Indira Gandhi addresses the nation in August 1975. She announced the Emergency in a similar address on June 26. (Below) The Indian Express of June 27.

What was the Emergency? Early on June 26, 1975, President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed drew on Article 352 of the Constitution to declare a state of internal emergency. The presidential proclamation said “the security of India is threatened by internal disturbance”...

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Keyboard bug exposes millions of Samsung smartphones to hackers

Samsung Galaxy keyboard bug exposes hundreds of millions of users to hackers

A cybersecurity firm has discovered a flaw in every Samsung Galaxy device — from the S3 to the latest S6 — that makes them highly vulnerable to hackers.

The vulnerability lives in the phones’ keyboard software, which can’t be deleted. The flaw potentially allows hackers to spy on anyone using a Samsung Galaxy phone.

You can be exposed by using public or insecure Wi-Fi. But some researchers think users are exposed even on cell phone networks.

Researchers at NowSecure, a cybersecurity firm, say they toldSamsung (SSNLF) about the vulnerability in November. Seven months later, nothing has been fixed...

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Venus, Jupiter and Saturn! The Brightest Planets of June

What a great weekend for the Summer Solstice celebration, even the heavens is going to give us a show!

Make plans for sky-watching June 30th! Jupiter and Venus are drawing closer together and will end up amazingly close!


The sky is gearing up for a very cool event: On June 30 and July 1, Venus and Jupiter will pass extremely close together in the sky, less than a third of a degree apart!

That’s close. The full Moon is a half degree across, so this will be very pretty. And it plays out over several days, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see it.

The planets orbit the Sun more or less in the same plane. We’re in that plane, too, so we see the solar system from the inside, and edge-on...

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Passenger ‘spots’ lizard in flight meal, files complaint; Air India says ‘no truth in claims’

A lizard was reportedly found in a lunch tray of a passenger onboard an Air India flight on Thursday.

In a major embarrassment for national aviation carrier Air India, a lizard has been allegedly found on a meal tray provided to a passenger on a London-bound flight from Delhi. Air India, however, rubbished the claim saying there’s “absolutely no truth” in the claim.

The airline also claimed that no complaint had been filed by the passenger with either the aircraft crew or station manager.


Source – IBN

The passenger on board Air India flight AI 111 had claimed to have spotted the lizard on the meal tray provided to him by the crew while travelling to London from the national capital.

While the aircraft crew offered to replac...

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