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WhatsApp Set To Be Banned from UK ‘Within Weeks

The popular messaging service WhatsApp could be BANNED in the UK if the controversial ‘Snooper’s Charter’ legislation is passed.


Britons could see the hugely popular cross-platform app banned under strict new laws on social media and online messaging services.

Prime Minister David Cameron is pressing ahead with new legislation that plans to stop people from sending any form of encrypted messages.


A number of popular messaging services, including WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat, currently scramble communications between their users.

Plenty of groups have voiced their opposition to the bill.

The Open Rights Group said that “inserting the Snoopers’ Charte...

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Nestle pays Ambuja Cements Rs 20 crores to destroy Maggi packets

Ambuja Cements is believed to have been paid the amount for burning the recalled packets of Maggi noodles at its cement plant in Maharashtra.


When contacted, a Nestle India spokesperson said: “Gujarat Ambuja Cements is… helping us to destroy the Maggi noodles being withdrawn by us from the market.” (Source: Express photo)

Nestle India has paid Rs 20 crore to Ambuja Cements for destroying Maggi instant noodles, which were found to be harmful for human consumption by the food regulators in the country. Ambuja Cements, formerly known as Gujarat Ambuja Cements, is believed to have been paid the amount for burning the recalled packets of Maggi noodles at its cement plant in Chandrapur in Maharashtra.

When contacted, a Nestle Indi...

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Ira Singhal first in UPSC exam 2015, top four positions secured by women


Of the five toppers, four are women – (from left to right) Ira Singhal, Renu Raj, Nidhi Gupta and Vandana Rao.(Photo courtesy: UPSC website)

Ira Singhal became the first physically challenged candidate to top the civil services examination that saw women take the top four ranks on Saturday. And giving Delhi something to cheer about, three of these women — including Singhal — are from the Capital.

“I am shocked and surprised. I want to say to everyone, let your daughters study and work. Let them go out in the world and make something of their lives,” said Singhal, 29, an IRS officer who has scoliosis or curvature of the spine.

Singhal’s success is built on a foundation of intense struggle...

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Hindus, Muslims pelt stones at each other as violence erupts yet again in Ballabhgarh

Hindus, Muslims threw bricks and bottles from rooftops, mosque desecrated again, said Police.


Police were deployed across Atali on Wednesday to contain communal violence. (Source: Express photo by Praveen Khanna)

Violence erupted at Atali in Ballabhgarh once again on Wednesday after Hindus and Muslims in the village pelted stones on three separate occasions. At least four people were injured in the violence, police said. Though police claimed that it was too early to identify the trigger for the violence, residents said the first clash took place in the morning when namaz was being read at the mosque. “We were praying at the mosque when stones were thrown...

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