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12 Amazing Sikh Women of History


Oftentimes, women’s contributions are overlooked because, for the most part, it is men who write history.

In India, women of the Sikh faith have fought, ruled, taught and served for centuries. They have managed organizations, guided communities and led revolts. These accomplishments are admirable in their own right, and they are even more impressive when viewed in the context of the intense patriarchy and cultural misogyny against which these women were working.

We know about some women, but there are others whose stories have been lost to time.

Here are 12 amazing Sikh women of history who have shaped our world and whose legacies inspire us today...

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Incredible Story of the First Indian Female Pilot a Sikh Named Harita Kaur


Flight Lt. Harita Kaur Deol (1972 – December 25, 1996) was a pilot with the Indian Air Force. She was the first woman pilot to fly solo in the Indian Air Force. The flight was on 2 September 1994 in an Avro HS-748, when she was 22 years old.


Hailing from Chandigarh in a Sikh family, in 1993, she became one of first seven women cadets inducted into the Air Force as Short Service Commission (SSC) officers. This also marked a critical phase in training of women in India as a transport pilots...

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6.5 magnitude quake in Afghanistan shakes Delhi NCR, rest of north India

Strong tremors were felt in parts of Delhi and National Capital Region on Saturday night after an earthquake of 6.5 magnitude on Ritcher Scale struck northeast Afghanistan near the country’s borders with Pakistan and Tajikistan.

The tremors were felt around 12:50 am and remained for 30 seconds.


Reports of heavy tremors were also pouring in from Chandigarh, Jaipur, Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake measured 203.5 kilometres deep and struck about 280 kilometres northeast of the Afghan capital Kabul.

Jammu and Kashmir also felt the tremors. People in the Kashmir region rushed to safety in chilling cold after feeling the quake.

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India has hit the brakes on Facebook’s free internet service

India’s regulators have dealt a major blow to, Facebook’s initiative to provide free but limited internet access in the developing world.
The Times of India reports that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has asked Reliance Communications, Facebook’s sole operator partner in India, to halt the project.


Citing a source, the publication says the regulatory body is debating whether telecom operators should be allowed to price their services differently based on content. However, as of Wednesday morning local time, the service was still accessible to subscribers, according to the Times of India. It reports that Reliance received a notice two weeks ago.
“We are committed to Free Basics ...

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WhatsApp: Leaked Images Appear to Show Video-Calling Feature for Mobile Messaging Service

The WhatsApp video-calling feature has been spotted online, according to a report. Here are its features.

Leaked Images Appear to Show Video-Calling Feature for Mobile Messaging Service
The German Apple blog published screenshots on Monday appearing to show a video-calling feature it says is currently in development. WhatsApp has not announced any such feature.

WhatsApp video-calling feature spotted online: report

WhatsApp is testing video-calling feature as well, according to a series of new leaks that have surfaced online.

After voice calls, WhatsApp is reportedly rumoured to be working on video calls...

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