26 Extremely Rare Photos From 1947 That Show The Horror Of Partition

After gaining independence from British Raj, India was to be divided into two separate countries (India and Pakistan). A major population exchange happened with around 25 million people relocating to their new homes and what followed was complete chaos. A large evil loomed over the population that was shifting to a new country once the borders were drawn. Religious riots along with acts of oppression and cruelty marked this huge event as a dark blot on the history of the two countries.

The horror and the magnitude of suffering was unimaginable, but here are a few photos that depict the dismay of the people who crossed borders and the horrible state it left both the countries in:


1. Millions on a journey to restart their lives


2. Family partitioned from their son


3. A room full of tears


4. A makeshift drip for a makeshift life


5. Countless bodies being buried 


6. A mother lost in thought with an infant on her lap


7. Vultures feed off the dead


8. The weak carrying the weaker 


9. Sidelined from life


10. Souls turn to dust as others pass by


11. A lake of blood and tears


12. Wreckage left after millions were uprooted 


13. The living dead


14. Walking towards an unknown future


15. Thousands board the Uncertainty Express


16. Carrying what’s left of their lives


17. The North Western Railways carries hopes of millions


18. When life gives up on you


19. Burdened with life on their shoulders


20. Making do with what they have


21. The other side of life


22. Exhaustion brought them to their knees


23. The residue of riots plague the streets


24. Journey to a new land


25. Time went on but the tracks ran out


26. An expression that perfectly describes the chaos of the partition





26 Extremely Rare Photos From 1947 That Show The Horror Of Partition