This Facebook post appreciating an Air India flight attendant resulted in her being honoured

All hail the power of social media!

 If you’ve watched the film Neerja, that will be the first image that’ll flash on your mind after you read the story.

On Friday, March 4, a journalist was travelling from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram on an Air India flight. Right in front of him sat a family of four — husband, wife, their daughter and son. The son, 10, was apparently mentally-challenged, wrote the journalist Anant Rangaswamy on Facebook.


The boy had spilled his lunch on the aisle. It was then that the head of the cabin crew, later identified as Anita Singh, came running to see if “he was OK. She calmed him down. Next, she told her colleague to carry on with the service. Ms...

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Why we need to develop women leaders of the future

A few steps that organizations and their boards can take to help women achieve their leadership potential and get the representation they deserve


Leadership can be a lonely task, especially when you are outnumbered as a woman in an organization where you spend the bulk of your waking moments. Since I started my career in the 1980s, I have always worked in male-dominated industries, often without a single woman in my peer group.

While Indian companies have seen some positive change in recent years, women are still under-represented in leadership roles. There are only eight female CEOs in the BSE 500 (under 2%), a number which is only slightly more positive among management teams.

Whilst I have had a long and varied career in...

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Actress Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Wins Our Respect For Opening Up About Being An Acid Attack Survivor

Women have survived violent crimes against them since ages now, and they have risen to be an inspiration for many others.

Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut’s older sister, is one such woman. She was attacked with acid by an unrequited lover back when she was just 23 years old. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, she finally comes out and shares the trauma of it, and how life has changed for her.


This is what Rangoli had to say:

“Acid permeates into the skin if untreated. So immediate medical help can only control it. If it is stronger, it destroys your organs. I have lost one ear. I have lost 90% vision in one of my eyes. I have a dysfunctional breast...

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Google Glorifies International Women’s Day With A Doodle

One day we will see every girl in school! #Women’s Day

On the occurrence of the International Women’s Day, Google came up with a unique concept for a campaign to spread awareness about empowerment of the women of future and the importance of education in their lives. The campaign known as #OneDayIWill is promoted by a video, which was produced after meeting 337 women from 13 different countries across the world.


Creators Lydia Nichols, Helena Leroux and Liat Ben-Rafael have tried to get together the aspiration of women around the globe and bring them in limelight so as to inspire the next generation. From vibrant young girls to vivacious elderly women, everyone has a dream which needs encouragement to get fulfilled.

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Here Are 22 Vintage Ads Featuring Neerja Bhanot, The Model

Neerja Bhanot, the flight purser of Pan Am Flight 73, saved 360 passengers when the ill-fated flight was hijacked in September 1986. This week, Sonam Kapoor starrer,Neerja remembers the martyr who was the youngest recipient of the Ashok Chakra for her valiant service during the situation of great crisis. However, not many know that while pursuing her career as a purser, Neerja also did a bit of modelling for some brands and magazines


Sonam Kapoor is all set to play the young, free-spirited and courageous flight purser, Neerja Bhanot, who sacrificed her life on 5th September 1986 when the Pan Am Flight 73 was hijacked by four armed men.

Neerja was recognized internationally as “the heroine of the hijack” and is the younge...

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