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Most Trusted Brands 2015: How brands stack up in their respective territories

Trust by category: how brands stack up in their respective

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Most Trusted Brands 2015: Age and vocation determine brand loyalty

Trust for a particular brand can vary diversely on the person’s age and vocation. Let’s observe a few trends.


Most Trusted Brands 2015: Men, women and different brands they trust

When it comes to trusting brands, the tastes of men and women vary diversely. Here are a few trends.


Zoning it out – change of geographical alters the way consumer place trust in the brands


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These Interesting Infographics Tell You Just How Different Table Manners Can Be Across The World

Around the world people have adopted unique traditions and etiquette when it comes to dining. It’s important to respect these customs, so what kind of things do you need to be conscious of when you dine in another country?

We’ve all been very careful about our table manners growing up. Many of us lived in the fear of that stern “where are your manners!” reprimand coming from our aunts at a family dinner. But how do the people of the world maintain decorum at their tables?


Not all countries expect you to leave a tip after a meal, in fact in Japan it is seen as rude! China even has restaurants with a no tipping policy. This isn’t always the case though – in Portugal you should leave a tip of around 10%...

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Women in Delhi Pulled off a Flash Mob in Sarees and Had a Blast While at It

We love sarees. There is no better word to describe our feeling towards this gorgeous piece of clothing that the women of our preceding generations brought to our lives. Don’t deny turning your mom’s dupattas into kiddie sarees and, later, picking your favourites from her glorious collection. It’s this love for sarees that made us  celebrate the 100SareePact,   that took over social media earlier this year.


Women all over the country and abroad took up the challenge to include sarees in their daily wardrobes and as a result, have given us gorgeous saree pictures to appreciate across all social media. Taking the same challenge forward, women in Delhi organized, what they call, India’s first saree flash mob recently...

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125 Gifting Ideas For This Festive Season

What to buy this festive season—for the art and luxe maven, the house-proud, the gourmet, and others

The problem of festive gifting is one of plenty. There are new collections in the market, though timeless pieces are going strong in the luxury, interiors and gourmet stores. Will the perfectionist boss appreciate a plant meant to grow into a bonsai? Will the fashionista friend find meaning in glass bangles sourced from Delhi’s streets or in Dior Tribale earrings?

We love those who tell us what to gift them. As a 2012 study on the “science of gifting” by the Washington, DC-based Journal Of Experimental Psychology: General concluded, it is often not the thought behind a gift that counts, but the gift, the thing itse...

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