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7 Countries With Interesting Stories Behind Their Original Names

A lot of countries in the world were known by different names when they were born. Some changed their names after attaining freedom, while others simply moved to a better name. But places changing their names isn’t entirely uncommon. In India itself, several cities have had new names. Mumbai was once known as Bombay, Bengaluru was once called Bangalore and so on. All of these have some fascinating stories behind them. Read on as we take a look at some countries around the globe that were known differently back in the day and the stories behind them.

1. Democratic Republic of Congo was earlier known as Zaire.


The Democratic Republic of Congo has had several names...

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World Culture Festival, ‘satsangs’ and 20,000 weddings chokes Delhi Traffic

The national capital might witness heavy traffic today amid 20,000 weddings and two mass events, including Sri Sri Ravishankar’s World Cultural Festival.The police have issued traffic advisory, advised changes in routes and time of travel predicting that there might be massive traffic from 1200 hrs to 2300 hrs.


There are around 20,000 weddings to be held in the national capital and as many as 1,700 personnel have been deployed to monitor traffic for various events.The three-day festival of the Art of Living Foundation is expecting lakhs of people from the city and outside for its inaugural show...

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Facebook just bought the popular face swapping “Masquerade’s app” that’s dominating the App Store right now

Get ready to see more silly selfies.Facebook is buying the company behind one of the most popular apps in the App Store, Masquerade. Masquerade’s app lets you overlay playful, animated filters over your face using your phone’s selfie camera. The effects range from Leonardo DiCaprio at the Oscars (right) to a monkey, and they’re fun to play with.You can record video in the app or take a still photo to share on other social networks. Expect Masquerade’s face swapping filters to show up in the Facebook app

Expect Masquerade’s face swapping filters to show up in the Facebook app eventually.


The social network also plans to keep Masquerade operational as a standalone, free app, as well as integrating its technology into Faceboo...

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Sikh Captain Wins Order Blocking U.S. Army From Excessive Testing

WASHINGTON A Sikh Army captain has been granted a restraining order barring senior Army officials from forcing him to undergo $32,000 in testing before deciding whether he can wear a beard, uncut hair and turban as required by his religious beliefs.
Captain Simratpal Singh, a West Point graduate who served in Afghanistan, had been ordered to undergo the testing before a March 31 decision on whether to grant him permanent permission to dress according to the tenets of his faith.
U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell, who issued the restraining order on Thursday, said “at first blush” the testing seemed reasonable to ensure that Singh could safely wear a helmet and gas mask if allowed to keep long hair and a beard...

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Did You Notice That iPhones In All Apple Ads Display The Time 9:41AM? Here’s The Reason Behind It

If you are the observant types, you must have noticed that Apple’s iPhone and iPad commercials always display 9:41 AM on the phone screen. And in case you haven’t, skim through their advertisements and you’ll see that in each ad, the devices are set to the same time.

Can you think of a reason why?

Did You Notice That iPhones In All Apple Ads Display The Time 9:41AM? Here’s The Reason Behind It

You might think that there can’t be a logical reason behind this but you’ll be surprised to know that this particular time, in fact, is a moment seized from one of the historic keynote presentations given by Steve Jobs. The tradition of iPhone and iPad commercials showing 9:41 AM started during the 2007 Macworld Conference & Expo, when Jobs was going to announce the official launch of the iPhone in a keynote presentation.

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