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Dawood Ibrahim Dying Of Gangrene? Buzz On Successor Already

A former police officer who investigated Mumbai’s underworld for many years has said that Dawood Ibrahim’s trusted lieutenant Chhota Shakeel is likely to be his successor if reports that India’s most wanted terrorist is dying of gangrene are true.

“Chhota Shakeel is likely to be Dawood’s successor since he is very aggressive,” said former Assistant Commissioner of Police Shamsher Khan Pathan, adding that he is “doubtful about his health.”

TV channel CNN-News18 has reported that Dawood Ibrahim, who is wanted by India for the 1993 blasts in Mumbai that killed 256 people, is crippled with gangrene and is allegedly being treated in Pakistan’s Karachi.

The reports says the don could lose both his legs as doctors may need to ...

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Earth Day 2016: Five Inspiring Facts And How To Do Your Bit

What is Earth Day?

Celebrated every year on April 22, Earth Day aims to encourage people across the world to be more environmentally friendly.

This might mean increasing the amount they recycle, volunteering for a local green project or installing solar panels at their home.

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On Friday, leaders from 160 countries will officially sign the Paris Climate Agreement on Earth Day 2016.

The deal was thrashed out in Paris last December in order to stem global warming.

The signing makes this year’s Earth Day one of the most important in years, and the organisers will be attempting to build on the momentum created by last year’s Paris Climate Summit.

To mark the day, Google has designed a Doodle, one of...

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Records Prove Kohinoor Wasn’t Gifted to the British

The Kohinoor was never a gift: It was taken by force

The diamond came to Britain thanks to dubious legality but very clear immorality.


Well I’ve heard of a news cycle, but seriously! The Kohinoor story seems to be astride some kind of Ducati superbike.

On Tuesday afternoon I was called into a BBC television studio to discuss the Indian government’s decision not to seek the return of the diamond. The reasoning given for this, as reported by the media, was: “It was gifted to the East India Company by Maharajah Ranjit Singh.”

It was a short sentence containing a world of weirdness. The first part was wildly inaccurate. The second part was… well frankly supernatural and I can deal with the latter quickly and cleanly...

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Inspiring Dropout Billionaires

Not everyone who drops out of college starts an amazing company, but these entrepreneurs make a strong case
Self-learning has been a trend among entrepreneurs. And the list of billionaire dropouts is long. Halfway through, Mark Zuckerberg d ropped out of Harvard to start Facebook.Michael Dell dropped out after his first year at the University of Texas. Larry Ellison too dropped out after his mother died and Bill Gates lasted only three years at Harvard.Not everybody who drops out of college starts an amazing company the next day. Steve Jobs dropped out as college was too expensive...
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Opening a bank locker? Do your homework

Mint Money’s mystery shopping exercise on opening bank lockers tells you of the issues around opening one


Opening a bank locker is not the easiest of things to do; there is a lot of homework one needs to do. And to get a sense of how a customer is treated when she approaches a bank branch to open a locker, Mint Money set out on a mystery shopping exercise. Mystery shopping is one of the tools used by regulators, companies and researchers across the world to evaluate the quality of services. It involves an individual or individuals collecting information about a service or product without the vendor knowing the consumer’s purpose.

This exercise was carried out bet...

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