Google Glorifies International Women’s Day With A Doodle

One day we will see every girl in school! #Women’s Day

On the occurrence of the International Women’s Day, Google came up with a unique concept for a campaign to spread awareness about empowerment of the women of future and the importance of education in their lives. The campaign known as #OneDayIWill is promoted by a video, which was produced after meeting 337 women from 13 different countries across the world.


Creators Lydia Nichols, Helena Leroux and Liat Ben-Rafael have tried to get together the aspiration of women around the globe and bring them in limelight so as to inspire the next generation. From vibrant young girls to vivacious elderly women, everyone has a dream which needs encouragement to get fulfilled.

Google has done a marvellous job in creating the women’s day doodle. The doodle is a simple sketch of women from all age groups having dreams which are waiting to get accomplished. In the middle of the doodle is a huge play button, representing the second ‘O’ of Google, which when clicked upon plays the #OneDayIWill video.

The #OneDayIWill video features different women from different parts of the world; San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Lagos, Moscow, Cairo, Berlin, London, Paris, Jakarta, Bangkok, New Delhi and Tokyo. The video also features British primatologist Jane Goodall, Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai and activist Muzoon Almellehan.

Beneath the doodle is an option for women to share their #OneDayIWill experience and celebrate International Women’s Day with Google.

After the video has finished the page is directed to the Google search page for International Women’s Day showcasing various webpages imparting knowledge regarding the same.

Watch The Video: