Starbucks: 5-Year-Old Reportedly Discovers Cell Phone Camera in Store’s Women’s Bathroom

US Police launch an investigation after a 5-year-old child reportedly discovers a cell phone camera equipped to record video under the sink in a women’s restroom at Starbucks cafe in Lancaster, California

A woman and her 5-year-old son found a camera under a Starbucks bathroom sink in Lancaster, California .,according to local news outlet KTLA. It was propped up on paper towels, facing the toilet and recording, KTLA reported.


“We’re obviously really disturbed by the incident,” Jaime Riley, a spokeswoman for Starbucks, told USA TODAY Network.

The woman who found the camera did not want to be identified but told KTLA reporters that her 5-year-old son spotted the phone first.

“I noticed he was staring at the sink a little bit perplexed. I asked him what was wrong and he said, ‘Mommy, why is there a phone under there?’,” the woman told KTLA.

Once notified, Starbucks employees immediately contacted police, according to Riley. “We take our obligation to provide a safe environment very seriously both for customers and our own partners who work in our store,” she said.

“The deputies discovered that the cellphone was running in a video-recording motion,” Lt. Joseph Fender with the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station told KTLA.

This is at least the second such incident to take place in a Starbucks in recent months. A man was arrested in Walnut Creek, Calif., in April after reportedly placing a camera twice in a Starbucks bathroom, according to reports.

Riley said employees are trained to inspect bathrooms for cameras or other devices on a regular basis, but that these incidents still occasionally happen.



“This isn’t the first time we’ve seen it, but I wouldn’t call it common,” she said. “And I’m sure it’s not specific to Starbucks.”


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