Two Sikh Men Remove Their Turbans To Save Four From Drowning In Sangrur, Punjab

A turban is an important symbol of Sikhism and it is not very easy to remove one. In a heroic attempt, 2 Sikh men – Inderpal Singh and Kanwaljit Singh used their turbans to save the life of five people from drowning.

This happened last Saturday when people from Sullar Gharat Village in Punjab had come for Ganpati immersion at a nearby canal. A group of boys got inside the river and slipped while immersing the idols because of high current. They immediately started shouting for help.

Four young boys had visited a canal near Sunam village in Punjab, to immerse a Ganesha idol. A sudden torrent of water forced them to lose their balance and fall in.

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Inderpal Singh, a man who was sitting near the river, noticed the boys were drowning and immediately took off his turban and tossed it in canal in order to help them, eyewitnesses said.


Soon after, another man named Kanwaljit Singh followed suit. Inderpal Singh said that he had first tried to use a stray wire, but that broke, and so he immediately removed his turban.


Four youngsters of Sarafa Bazaar Market, in the age group of 18-25 years, had gone to a canal to immerse a Ganesha idol on Friday when gushing water made them lose their balance at Sular Ghaat near Sunam village.

Inderpal Singh, who was sitting on the canal embankment, spotted the drowning youths. He took off his turban, hurled it towards them and pulled them out with its help, police and witnesses said.

The incident came to light after a video was circulated in the social media.

The rescued youths were identified as Inderpal Singh, Jiwan Singh, Kamalpreet Singh and Inder Tiwari.


Image source- NDTV

Inderpal, one of the youths saved, said his namesake had first tried to pull them out with the help of a wire that was lying on the embankment but it broke. He then used his turban.

We all know that Sikhs are known for their courage, bravery and selflessness. This incident has proved it once again.


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Inderpal’s life-saving act was similar to an incident in New Zealand in May this year when Harman Singh (22) had used his turban to save the life of a boy who bled from the head after being hit by a car in Auckland.



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