US President Barack Obama quotes Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘senorita’ dialogue from ‘DDLJ’


Looks like the President Of The United States of America is taking lessons from Narendra Modi. After the Indian PM quoted Star Wars during his recent visit to America, Barack Obama has now quoted Shahrukh Khan’s famous dialogue from DDLJ. Well, half the dialogue anyway. Listen to it here:

US President Barack Obama, who is currently on a visit to India along with First Lady Michelle Obama, surprised everybody when he quoted a famous line from one of Bollywood’s biggest love stories, ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’.

During his last address at a townhall in New Delhi on Tuesday (January 27), President Obama set the crowd chuckling at the Siri Fort Auditorium when he said in broken Hindi, ‘Senorita, bade bade deshon mein… you know what I mean.”


“Last celebration here we celebrated festival of lights in Mumbai. We danced with some children. Unfortunately, we were not able to schedule any dancing in this visit. Senorita, bade bade desho mein… you know what I mean,” Obama said with a smile.

And if, you want to hear the entire speech. Here:


‘I Believe America Can be India’s Best Partner,’ Says Barack Obama at Townhall


Here are the highlights: 

  • Nothing fills me with more hope than when I see young people speak.
  • To the people of this great nation, I bring you the friendship of the American people.
  • Thank you so much for welcoming us back to India. ‘Bahut Dhanyavad’.
  • It’s my great honour to be the first US president to join you for Republic Day.
  • In my last visit we danced with some children and celebrated the festival of lights. I apologise for not being able to schedule a dance this time.
  • I recognised India with the first visit of my presidency where we also danced to some ‘Bhangra’.
  • Martin Luther King Jr, during his protests against racial discrimination, said that his guiding light was Mahatma Gandhi. He said that India is Gandhi’s land.
  • Together, India and the US, we unlock new potential.
  • India has uplifted millions of people from poverty and created the largest middle-class in the world.
  • India and US are not just natural partners but I believe America can be India’s best partner.
  • As India pursues more trade, we want to be the first in line.
  • World would be safer if our two democracies stand together.
  • We want to help India build bullet trains and smart cities.
  • We appreciate India’s effort for generating more clean energy.
  • Our goal should be a world without nuclear weapons.
  • I propose a new United Nations Security Council with India as a permanent member.
  • With your experience in elections, you can help other countries form new government.
  • Together we can stand against human trafficking and eradicate modern day slavery.
  • As we keep working on climate change, it’s your generation that has to speak up, because it’s your children, the next generation that will be impacted.
  • India is defined is countless languages, cast, color and culture and orientation. In America we are black and white and Latinos. We have a diverse culture too.
  • Our aim should not be that a few do well, our aim should be that everyone should have a chance.
  • I am married to a strong, talented woman who is not afraid to speak her mind when she thinks I am wrong. With two daughters, I am surrounded by strong and beautiful women.
  • Indian women have also shown that they can lead.
  • This we know from experience that nations are more successful when their women are successful.
  • If nations want to succeed, they can not simply ignore the talent of almost half their people.
  • When we were born, people like us couldn’t vote in some parts of the country.
  • It is a matter of pride to live in countries where a Dalit can help write the constitution and a tea seller can become PM – our nations are strongest when we uphold the equality of all our people and that includes women.
  • As brothers and fathers, we have to step up because the life of every woman matters.
  • Our nations are stronger when we see that we are all god’s children.
  • We must remember Gandhi Ji’s words when he said, “I see different religions as flowers of the same garden and branches of the same majestic tree”.
  • Throughout the world, we have seen violence over religion.
  • No society is immune from the darkest impulses of men and too often religion has been used to tap into those instead of the light of God.
  • Every person has the right to practice any faith or none as he chooses, without the fear of persecution.
  • India’s strength is its multi-diversity irrespective of caste and creed and ethnic differences.
  • India will succeed so long as it isn’t splintered along the lines of religion, any lines…
  • The peace we seek in the world begins in human hearts.
  • Our nations are strongest when we empower the young people.
  • Michelle and I don’t come from healthy backgrounds… without education we wouldn’t be here today.
  • ‘Mr Obama Shares the story of Vishal and his family, son of a daily wage laborer in India’
  • The dreams of Vishal are as important as the dreams of my daughters.
  • I am the first American president to visit India twice, but I am sure I won’t be the last.
  • As Americans we believe in the promise of India, we believe in the people of India. Proud to be your partner and friend. Jai Hind.